Is there a way to choose what audio codec PMS take when transcoding?



Hi everyone,

I am wondering if PMS can transcode in an other codec than AAC when transcoding live. because every transcode that plex will do for every client i use will be in AAC, but for example: I have client that support Dolby digital stereo, but the source file is dolby trueHD 5.1, so I want to know if it's possible to use this codec on the fly to get a better audio experience.

The same apply to DTS client that can play DTS2.0 , but not DTS-HD Master 7.1...


This is an issue for me too. The TV client is passing through DTS-MA and my receiver is old and stops at 5.1. Transcoding all will make sound work, but picture suffers....


It's a known issue, look here for a solution.