Is there a way to page thru (jump thru) filter lists like actors, directors? Am I missing something?



Ive seen others post on very similar issues. Users with smart tv clients (a lot of us?) have a bit of a hopeless / joyless process unless I am missing something.

Click on filter by (say) actors, using plex for smart tv (samsung) and you get a list of actors (a VERRRRRY long list of actors) in my case I estimate that with 1700 films it must span down the full length of about 30-40 screen fulls.

And as others have asked - and not heard replies - this means unless you're filtering an actor like abba or aarvark, then you can sit on that down button for 20 minutes scrolling through actors / directors / producers etc etc for hours (almost) and never get to (say) Sam West or Richard Burton which is only reachable after an eternity clicking the mouse button (or holding it down etc) for 5 mins-10 mins? (Which kind of defeats the purpose of a filter)

SO... am I doing something wrong? Having trawled these forums BEFORE posting (note to trolls) some have said you can click on actors filter and start typing, but not on a TV remote which doesnt have characters.

Others have said (long ago) using the FFWD and / or RRWD buttons - again doesnt work on Samsung (and I suspect other TVs)

What is NEEDED (and this has been requested my many?) to add a simple EXTRA column after the actors filter with the letters of the alphabet so if you ARE looking for Richard Gere (or god help you) Zach Galifianakis then you can glide down reasnably tollerably through 25 characters and then have further scrolling (sadly) but at least sanely through all the Z[s until you get to Zak.

At the moment its a real 'mare / faff to even contemplate..

OR am I doing something wrong?


Samsung TV plex
Plex server running on Synology DS218j
Plex server version 1.12.2-4929- XXXXX (more version numbers that go on for ever.)


In all menus you can press channel up/down to flip through pages.
Also pressing up when you are on the first page, takes you directly to the last one.

Please download the manual, it shows you what’s possible.