Is there an issue with fast forward/rewind for DVR recordings (Roku)



For years, I have recorded football games on DirecTV in order to fast forward through stoppages and commercials. Never had a problem, even a decade ago.

When I record a game on Plex (Windows 10 Plex server and Roku App), I can play it back fine but when I fast forward, it won't move or it resets the video to the beginning.

I am transcoding recordings, if that matters.

Is there a known issue with playback of DVR recordings?


If this is occurring on multiple Plex player apps, then that would not be an issue with the Plex app for Roku, but an issue or limitation of the overall DVR and Live TV feature. Questions and issues about the overall DVR and Live TV feature should be posted to the DVR and Live TV section of the forum.


I use a postprocess script to have mkvmerge change my recordings to a .mkv. No problem with fast forward or rewind, no transcoding needed.


This only happens on the Roku app. Windows ten isn't perfect but works better.

Scooter, I will follow your suggestion


Thanks and please post your results.


I haven't had time to mess around with post processing scripts so I let it go. Turning off Plexs native post processing has solved the issue with it starting over. But, the performance is much worse than my old Tivo. Too much delay for playback. Running media server on I7 CPU with 16gb ram on a wired gb Ethernet connection.


It seems as though this has resolved itself in recent updates to the Roku app and/or the Web Server. I will list it as closed.