Is there an option to automatically remove the pictures once the Camera Upload process is complete?



To release memory space, I would like to automatically remove the pictures from my Iphone every time the Camera Upload process gets completed.


Would like this option also.


I would also love an option to free up storage after camera upload is done :slight_smile: like on Google Photos app or DS File for Synology


I’d like this too, so I could find out just what the plex app fails to sync to server


Great feature request, I would love this option


Would still love this option!! Hey Plex R&D, is this being worked on, or at least considered? Thanks!


+1, please :slight_smile:


+1 me too please


+1 please!


I have just paid for a month of PlexPass so I can test drive the product. The ability to free up space on phone after transfer to the server is literally the feature that will make my mind up. Obviously, I won’t be continuing with the monthly fee or the annual one as this seems is not available. Please add that