Issue Downloading meta images on multiple devices.



I appear to be having trouble downloading images from the TVDB, episode names are pulling correctly once matched correctly, but new series don't seem to like to pull images anymore.

I am having this problem on a Synology and a Windows machine both running the latest version of plex. On both machines IPv6 has been disabled (it causes me other problems anyway). I can not speak for the synology as i have only had it back about 2 days and havnt yet run any debugging but on the windows server the logs DO show a valid connection to the TVDB rss feeds which correctly show both the series episode names and all of the banner/image information. I have looked around the forum and of course i could have missed another solution but i couldnt find anything that immediately (searched about 12-15 topics) seemed to match my issue since its across devices.

to answer questions that need seem to spring up on other forum posts..

  • IPv6 completely disabled
  • Both users have full access to read/write update ALL folders they access
  • The API connection is definitely working on the windows machine

Note: while the synology appeared to stop working after an update to the server version, the Windows machine has always been on the same version. It managed to pull back for about a day and then for some reason suspiciously stopped working..

Im hoping the issue is the same on both and thus any suggestions might fix both.

Thanks in advance for suggestions, thoughts and any fixes.