Issue with a single season



Hey guys I have Naruto Shippuden Seasons01-17. I've been backing up all my dvds to plex and I just got to season 17 when I hit episode 12 suddenly the names of the episodes don't appear they just say Episode 12, Episode 13, and so on. There is artwork but the name and description are missing. I am using the Absolute Series Scanner, Agent is HamaTV, all running windows 10 connected to a NAS.

The naming convention I use is supported "Naruto Shippuden - [ENG]/Season 17/Naruto Shippuden - s17e12.mkv" I've tried renaming episodes by adding additional text to the name and it always stops renaming after 12. I've even removed the folder and re-added. I'd love to hear any suggestions, thanks for the help.