Issue with shared server and language selection




I've been running in an issue with the iOS client as well as the Apple TV when accessing a shared server. I think it happens with all clients, but only tested with the Linux meda server.

A client accessing a shared server cannot choose the audio / subtitle stream.

Whenever the client tries to change it, the changes do not apply and playing the media will be using the choice made when accessing the media server as a regular server.

I think that since the "guest" user does not have an account id associated, the system cannot create an entry in the media_part_settings table so that when playing, it uses the settings set by the admin user.

Similarly, the system won't remember where a "guest" user stopped the last time and won't suggest to start back from where he was.

Any idea?



Hi, and welcome to Plex!

We'll be addressing these issues in a future release for sure.



Is there a bugtracker for Plex Server where we can post issues ? Or should we use the forum as a way to describe bugs?


Generally they are described/discussed in here and then we capture them in an internal tracker.