Issue with Tv cover/poster art in Roku only



I am having an issue with some of my TV cover/poster art in the Roku App. In the Web and Windows mobile app, every thing displays fine. Some of the art was there a one point and then disappeared. I have searched around a bit but I have not found anything similar to my peculiar problem. Is there a cache for the Roku to reset/clear?


Double check your PMS and make sure the show has a poster. I had a similar issue where my poster got removed so the Roku was showing screenshots instead.


All posters are showing up just fine in Plex Media Server. As they do in the Windows Mobile App and Plex Home Theater. Thanks for the reply!


Ok. Can you take some pictures so I can see the problem? Just to make sure we are on the same page.


I sure will. It will be a bit later today before I get back home. Thanks for your time.


As you can see, the top picture is one of my Roku 3’s (I have 2 and 1 Roku stick, that does the same thing). you can see, for example. Alias does not have a poster/cover art. (Maybe 1/3+ of my TV shows only are missing poster/cover art.)
The 2nd and 3rd picture are Plex Web and Plex Home Theater respectively. The pictures were taken within minutes of each other.
Kinda weird eh?


Strange. I don't know how to reset individual clients, but you can reset all thumbnails for all clients by clearing out the cache folder identified in this article This will force PMS to generate all new images. Hopefully this is just some images getting corrupted and this will fix it.


That worked. I knew there was some way to reset for all clients, but I wanted to hear from someone with experience before I tried. You totally nailed it! Thanks for your help!


Awesome! Glad it is fixed.


I've run into this issue prob 4-5 times /w my Roku. Wish there was a permanent fix instead of deleting cache every few months.


I’m having this issue and deleting the cache did not help. I tried removing the Plex app from the (Roku) and reinstalling but that did not help either.