Issues with Plex DVR playback



I have noticed frequent problems with casting a plex DVR recording to my chromecast. Video will occasionally freeze and cause the chromecast to completely reboot (obviously losing the video as well as my phone casting to the chromecast). This works when casting media from both my phone as well as through casting a tab from chrome.

Regular DVD's and whatnot I cast from my personal library (still on the same harddrive on same plex server) work perfectly fine, and never crash my chromecast.

I have noticed, while watching the Plex DVR recording directly on a phone or browser, that the video will play without issue, however will notice artifacts occasionally on the screen during the moments when the video will seemly crash the chromecast during a cast.

Only settings that are specific to the DVR is encoding the video to keep space down and cutting commercials (the artifacts are not near the commercial portions of the recordings).

is this a known bug? Any suggestions? I am not privy to finding logs for chromecast/plex so I apologize for not having more data to show.