Itunes not showing up


I am trying to link my iTunes media with plex. I have followed the directions on the plex how to for adding iTunes into the channels list. I have enabled it and restarted my server. Nothing shows up in the channels page, I have also added the file path to the iTunes.xml. I am having no luck with adding iTunes any help is appreciated .


Same thing here


you can check your iTunes settings. in the “advanced” section there should be an option to share the iTunes xml file from other apps – is this option checked?

also… do you run the Plex Media Server on the same machine where your iTunes is installed?


Yes, that option is checked and yes, both are on the same machine.

This used to work, only recently did it stop working for some reason. After a plex update.


Sorry, I figured it out in my case. Windows 10 iTunes App install uninstalled the main version. Once I uninstalled the app and put back the main version of iTunes it came back.