just an idea ?


Haya plex
I was thinking the other night I know understand it's not original but I reckon it'll be a good feature to have, from the thousands of movies I have I think it would be good to have an option from the menu NOW PLAYING in here you'll find the artwork from a random movie playing from your server, don't matter if its already playing in the middle, here random movies play one after another from your own server kinda like a jukebox on autopilot

would this idea work and could I see it ever becoming as part of an update


Go to your movie library,
(depending on which app you use you might have to select ‘All Movies’)
press the ‘Shuffle’ button.

A more sophisticated way gets requested from time to time.
There used to be an Add-On (for Kodi I think?) called ‘Pseudo-TV’, which did exactly what you describe.
But there is nothing comparable for Plex, AFAIK.