Known issues tracking thread



These are the issues that are keeping us up at night. We'll curate a list of threads and provide a source for resolution tracking.







This issue is still nagging. We're actively looking into it.


Update, we believe we've found an issue which causes the gray boxes and connectivity problem which is corrected once selecting the server name from the drop down list. The fix will go out on Nov 3.



We've addressed all known issues. Although we're generally still on high-alert while the dust continues to settle.



No known major known issues. We are tracking but currently unable to act upon the following reports:



Our old friend Vizio came back with coal for our stockings. Users are reporting the 2.5.1 update gets stuck at the ... loading screen.

One way or another we'll sort this out as soon as possible.



We've rolled back the 2.5.1 release. It's Dead Jim.

TiVo has been restored to 2.4.41 while other Smart TV devices have been restored to 2.4.36. Please exit the Plex app then restart it to get the latest code. You can read more about the 2.5.1 release subsequent release rollback in our release announcements thread.



Vizio continues to drive us collectively crazy. We're looking into the issues below:

  • Vizio users reporting sessions without artwork. Threads here and here
  • Other Vizio users reporting re-linking their Vizio TV at every app launch. Thread.



We've resolved several issues contributing to the startup and missing artwork issues reported by users in our 2.5.5 release. Vizio users should see artwork again and be able to avoid needing to re-link their account on each startup.