Kodi app on an Openelec RP 3



Hi I'm trying to install the Kodi app on an Openelec RP 3 and getting an error "dependencies not met" Any ideas what is causing this


I'm seeing this as well on an RPi 2. I'm betting this was compiled for 86 installs of kodi and not ARM.


I am planning on trying this tonight... Was anyone able to get it to work? If not, that's disappointing...


Python scripts are not compiled, so there's no different between x86 and ARM.

Please post a log, otherwise we have no idea whats going on:


We've had quite a few LibreElec testers, and while there was a bug in one of the v17 betas where a 'temp' folder didn't exist, that should be fixed by now, esp if you're using OpenELEC, which is quite old. I suggest trying LibreELEC.


Found this line in the logs "DEBUG: CAddonInstallJob[script.plex]: requires xbmc.python version 2.24.0 which is not available"
Can I install this on OpenElec? Or should I install LibreELEC as suggested above?


Yes I should install LibreELEC! I just have (Could do it as an update from existing OpenELEC) Plex Kodi app installed and appears to be working perfectly


I'm using Recalbox that limits my Kodi install to using OpenELEC. I too got the "dependencies not met" error. I'll go back and find my log. Excited to figure this out.


@macsobel try: https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread-1450.html

If OpenELEC ships an older python there's nothing we can do to fix that from our side.