Kodi Plex Unwatched not working



Kodi 16.1 with new Plex Addon. When I goto TV shows then Select All then Unwatched everything just disappears. See attached Picture. Fresh kodi instal and plex addon


Please follow https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/246912/reporting-plex-for-kodi-issues to report issues, thanks!


Same issue here, when selecting the filter Unwatched the results are not as expected. I see three shows as a result, two of which are 100% watched.


@astr0b0y Please see the above post and give us a log so we can investigate.


Sure thing. OS X, release version of Kodi.


Try the latest build, v0.0.93 and let us know if it fixes your issue.


Thanks, it does fix the issue!


Great to hear, thanks!


This seems to be happening now with movies

running v0.0.93


This will be fixed in v0.0.94.


Maybe related to this filter issue - in Movies the selection to sort by date added is reset each time I navigate out of the Movies sesction. Always reverts to the default of sorting alpha numerically.


The latest 0.94 release fixes the unwatched behaviour in Movies however I still have same issue with it not remember my filter selection. If I set Unwatched and sorted by Date Added, navigate away from my Movies section and then back the filters are back to All and sorted by Name.
I think this has to do with me having two Movie sections (one named Movies and the other named 3D Movies).
I checked the behaviour in PMP and found that if I change the filter in one of these sections it is mirrored in the other, but it does remember my settings as expected.

My expectation is that each library should have an independent view setting. This has long been an issue with PMP that drives us crazy - Plex Web, iOS client and AppleTV client all behave as expected with different filters applied to each section.


So what you're saying is you can set a filter in PMP, and it shows up in Web when you browse to it?

We have the unwatched staying set fixed in the next release.


I just set Unwatched and Genre>Comedy in PMP. Closed. Opened Web. No filters set, so not sure what you mean.


No, PMP and Web have independent settings as you'd expect.

In PMP if you have two or more Movie libraries, they don't have independent filter settings. If you change one the other changes too - not very helpful.
In Web each library's filters are independent and not affected by each other.


Can you try what we've implemented in 0.0.95 and let me know your thoughts and how they compare? Thanks!


That's done it! Thanks Keith.


Woot, Glad to get this closed out. Enjoy!