Lagging and freezing screen



Sometimes when i Watch a Movie with Plex on my TV the Movie freezes and lags. Why is that?? If i turn the quality down it plays without lagging och freezing but i should be able to Watch a Movie in original quality without the Movie freezing. Does anybody have some tips on how to fix this issue. I use the app installed on my TV and connected on my 5 G network without a Cable.


To determine if this is a Plex Media Server issue or an issue with the Plex app for Roku, the best way to isolate an issue is to use another Plex player. If this issue occurs on multiple Plex players, then this is an issue with your Plex Media Server, not the Plex app for Roku and should be reported to the section of the forum for Plex Media Server on your operating system.

If you do not have another Plex player, you can always use the Plex Web app from a browser on a computer, tablet, or phone other than your Plex Media Server computer. See Opening Plex Web App. Make sure the computer, tablet, or phone connects to your home network with the same method (Ethernet or wireless) and from the same distance (do not stand right next to your router if your Roku is on the other side of your home).

If this an issue that only occurs on the Plex app for Roku, including more data about your setup, (operating system, Plex Media Server version, and Plex player app version), the media you are trying to play (the codec information and source (local, online or remote)), and your Roku Logs will ensure that others here have the data necessary to help you diagnose your issue.