Language settings don't save



Not sure which updated this seemed to break for me, but the language settings in Settings > Languages just won't stick.

I've changed them from Afaraf to English (UK) several times, and yes, click the SAVE CHANGES button, but each time I refresh and go back to check they've changed back to Afaraf.

It's not a major problem as I can switch the subtitles off with a couple of presses on the client, but it would be nice to set this and for it to stay saved.

Any ideas?


I have the exact same problem. ...will not save to English (UK).


..."English" works OK...


English does work, but I still get subtitles displayed when the language is English.


oh. ...not for me. Specifically, I have:

Prefer audio tracks in "English"
Subtitle mode "Manually selected"
Prefer subtitles in "English".