Large(ish) music collection slows iOS app to a crawl, 4.16



I've synced my music to my iPhone 6S, almost 9000 tracks and every time I open the app it is so slow, I have to wait 10+ seconds after selecting any function for it to register. I think it's down to it wanting to check the sync status and download and newly added music.

It's been happening for months, not just the latest release. My server version is 1.80

Does anyone else have this issue ? Is it the sync ? Is it just parsing 9000 tracks every time I open the app ? Any ideas ?


I have seen the same issue and posted about it here
It does seem that the auto syncing is slowing things down. Would be nice to set a time for sync or something so we wouldn't get the lag.


Yeah I've found turning off syncing using cellular data helps a lot if I disconnect from wifi.

But yeah having an option to specify sync times or manual sync option would be good


Thanks huntsj17 turning off the sync over cellular does help with this some.