Last request to Orca for Samsung TV (2010-2014 models)



Dear Orca,
We all know well your passionate works during many years to provide support for Samsung TV.
I really want to say how it become rare to have angel people that give so valuable services with high quality response and
you had always met the really demands, even sometimes the demand was more a gossip complain to Samsung and Plex fonctionnalites.

As you prevented in your last post, there will no new updates and development for Samsung TV (2010-2015 models) anymore
and the LATEST release is stock now with the 2.11 version.

To give a last hope for people that was using an older version and get satisfaction with this one, but after updated to the last version, failed with issues or problems;
May we ask you to create a last "Archives" post with a complete list of link with All of your USB versions 2.xx and maybe 1.xx. (only for 2010-2014 TV version as the 2015 can't use USB version if firmware is updated) ?
This will leave behind you the vue off your complete works (amazing) and give a way to persist in time .....
I know for sure that all these files will be copied into mirror servers and give a second life if your Dropbox is cleaned later.