Latest Android (tablet) update is convoluted, maybe there are settings I can use?



Maybe someone can help me change some settings but I find the latest Android (tablet) interface no better than the last.

I have an extra channel or category called "Other files" structured into folders that I use frequently. In order to navigate to it from the Home screen I have to:
- Click ...More
- Click "Other videos"
- Here it shows things it thinks I want but it doesn't know. So I click "Show All files"
- Finally this brings me to the familiar folder listing I like
Is there a way to get all of this "interface" out of the way?
I have to do all this every time I start the client, or switch between users.

If I am viewing the folder structure on my PC in Plex Client for Android, if there is a mix of folders and files, the files' artwork does not show because of the presence of folders. All the "icons" (I can't think of a better word) are small and wide to accommodate text, no pictures. Only when there are no folders does it show the tall and wide artwork. I would like to see the artwork for the file, even if there are folders present in the same directory.