Launch app/script/shortcut from Plex (openPHT) home menu



Is there any method for adding another 'Section' to the Plex home menu that would launch a custom script or application? Sections as in Channels, Shared Content, Watch Later, etc on the home menu like this:

Currently running OpenPHT on a MacMini, same machine as plex server.
Use case is to have a section, or shortcut, like 'GAMES' to launch script closing PHT and launching Steam Big Picture (or any action defined in script)..

There is a related setting called:"'Play File' on homemenu" -- that allows manually defining an additional menu item for playing a particular movie/show (i think), but that looks to be tied to video file formats only.


I like this, it would open up a lot of possibilities for customisation.


Not sure about Plex, but flirc and your remote would do the job.


Since it will never be on PMP I would really like to know if there is a chance for this to be implemented in openPHT.

I currently boot into Steam and go to PLEX or my other game launcher(Launchbox) from there. I would like to have it the other way around because I mostly watch movies.


You can already do that with OpenPHT, it's just not implemented in a "user/gui friendly" way right now ... here is an example how to do it manually with the default skin :

  • Edit "skin.plex/720p/HomeMenu.xml" and look for this code :
<item id="121">
   <description>Play File</description>
   ... more code ...

now add the following new item after the Play File item like this :

Play File

... more code ...


OSX/Linux users should change the path accordingly!

edit: You can also use "System.Exec()" in keymaps file, e.g. press key "X" to open an application ...

Save your changes and restart OpenPHT ...
You should now have a new home menu item "My Program Name" which executes "C:\mypath\myprogram.exe" on click ...


Thats exactly what I was looking for!



Anyway to do this with aeon nox?


@tooviral said:
Anyway to do this with aeon nox?

Answered in the Aeon Nox subforum:


this is pretty kewl.. what custom scripts are you guys running?


Can you use this to launch programs?