LG app "early access" (3.51.1)



Yesterday I saw this new option (Enable early access) and activated it.
The new interface seems more elegant and modern to me.
And finally, when I resume a chapter of a TV show, I can go straight to the next chapter (https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/285553/lg-tv-resume-a-series).

PMS on Arch Linux
Plex for LG 3.51.1

But I’ve saw several errors:

  1. In the info about every chapter in a TV show, the image overlays part of the text.

  1. Yesterday I was seeing a chapter of TV show and often (very briefly) a message would appear in the middle of the screen: “Buffering”. With the stable version it doesn’t happen.

  2. What’s the point of showing empty categories? I don’t use, and don’t think I will use, Plex to play music or view photos. Why do these categories appear to me?

Exists the feature "Resume episode from main screen AND at the end continue to the next episode of same TV show" in Samsung TV app?
Is the application for Samsung TVs abandoned?

I agree with your findings, and I’m glad you included pics. I was about to post showing the same bug with tv shows.


The first issue will be fixed in the next early access update (aiming for next week, but not confirmed).

The second issue is undergoing some changes, so while it’s the expected behaviour right now we plan to improve it.


Hi, Im using the early access and I agree the UI is a nice improvement. Thanks! There is a defect that I am running into. Still working out the exact steps to reproduce but the result is that the plex app somehow loses its authentication/authorization and needs to be “reset”, meaning another trip to plex.tv/link. If I can figure out exactly what triggers this event I will augment this posting.

PMS Version Debian 9.2
Plex for LG 3.51.1
LG software version 05.30.03
TV Model OLED65B6P


The early access app is pretty great so far. A few observations / questions / comments

  1. Sometimes it fails to login - there’s no retry, just a ‘reset’ option so I have to reconnect to my account. Might be just the app, might be me enabling TrueHD passthrough - no idea.
  2. It’s great - the only app to passthrough TrueHD/Atmos and play hevc without trying to transcode
  3. I wish there were a setting for maybe increasing the buffer in some capacity. Sometimes playing video at 50-60mbps has ‘buffering’ every few seconds over LAN.
  4. What does ‘manual servers’ do? I’ve set my local LAN ip but… does it do anything? Is there any benefit to setting it?

PMS Version Ubuntu 64-bit
LG software version 3.51.1
TV Model OLED55C7V


It doesn’t work well at all for me. Very slow, errors, remote scrolling doesn’t work.
How can I revert back? If I click “Leave early access” nothing happens.


Where is this ‘enable early access’ option? Is it someone in the Plex LG app on the TV, or somewhere else?


It is available via the menu in plex on the tv… I click my name and it shows “enable early access”


I still wish an additional button for MP4 Playlist in the column video


I can’t play .alac files. MP3s are not a Problem.
Nice design, but a bit slow.


It looks like a big improvement over the current version, however, it loses its sign in details so have to reset after each power cycle. Also, collections appear to be empty


Mit Early Access ist kein Streaming mit 4K möglich…nur Buffering und das Bild wird verfälscht angezeigt. Schaltet man auf die alte App zurück, dann läuft alles bestens.
Hier muss deutlich nachgebessert werden.
With Early Access no Streaming with 4K possibly … is only Buffering and the picture is indicated distortedly. If one shifts back on the old App., everything runs very well.
Here it must be amended clearly.


I’m guessing this ‘early access’ feature(?) is only available on more recent version of WebOS. My 2016 LG TV doesn’t have this option in the Plex App, I’m still seeing the same 2016 version I’ve seen for a long time.


I had to go back to the stable version because this version is unusable. Sometimes very slow. Sometimes it loses the login:

Sometimes it fails to login - there’s no retry, just a ‘reset’ option so I have to reconnect to my account.


I found that if the client is running when the tv is turned off, it requires an account reset. If I exit back to live tv or another app, the power off the tv, it’s fine. Annoying as it resets all of the user settings…


I have the same issue with the app getting reset when the TV is powered off while Plex app is open. More frustrating though is that sometimes the app displays only text and progress bars. Reminds me of websites where the CSS and images fail to load. Have to reset the app to get it to work again (by turning off TV with plex running).


The current version of your WebOs Plex app can be seen in two ways.

  1. From “Devices” in PMS settings

  2. From your Avatar Top right of the app. Select Settings/about.

What your seeing is a starter pack from LG store, that is updated on start up of client.

Here you will find a list of recent releases.


How do I get back to previous version to exit early access?!