Lg is messing plex server trough dlna



I have talked to sub zero creator that something is triggering sub zero to download subtitles all the time, even if schedules are turned off and my library is constantly refreshing.. and in my testing i noticed that this issues are coming from lg webos tv.. lg tv don-t have plex installed.. when i turn on tv my plex server is acting like crazy.. i never entered plex dlna trough that tv.. how is this possible..you can see in plex dlna logs at 23:26 there is lg webos name, and after that subzero is constantly downloading new subtitles for movies..at 05:06 i turned tv again to test it, and everything is happening again..just to clarify, i never entered dlna app on lg tv after i installed plex server..


duplicate of https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/317514/lg-tv-is-messing-plex-server-trough-dlna#latest