LG TV MyMedia doesn't see Plex server ever



So I own a 2017 LG 49lh5700 tv. Unfortunately this TV uses maracast and not WEBOS, (wish I realized this before). So that leaves me with just the ability to click the MY MEDIA tab in smart feature section. Unfortunately, it never ever comes up. Says no storage units available in upper corner when I click MY MEDIA. I've tried todisable firewalls, adding the tv ip to List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth in plex server settings. My internet is LTE rural internet, works great. Has a router then I hooked up airport extreme in bridge mode and hooked TV up via ethernet hoping this would help, nope. TV does have internet. Only when I very first got the tv and was on wireless it actually did pop up that day and that day only never again and that was last summer. So I am just wondering if there are any ideas as to what this issue is. I did contact LG but thats a hopeless battle. But knowing it did work that one day I don't understand why it won't work. TV is up to date. I believe .04.XX.XX. Any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it as it sucks I can't get the Plex app on this TV due to no web os but if I can access it via the DLNA protocol that would be great. Thanks in advance