LG WebOS 1.5 (I know, an old TV right)



It feels like Plex is investing a lot of functionality into products that reach a limited audience (Americans mostly). Those of us in parts of the world where DVR or live TV etc aren't supported would be grateful if some effort went into keeping the basic housekeeping up to date rather than ditching the support for older products (like 3 year old LG TVs).

I've dutifully paid my Plex Pass since joining over two years ago, but I'm beginning to doubt the merit of doing so - and whilst I appreciate the need to meet the needs of new products out there and newer platforms that they use, it would be great if Plex at least maintained to some degree parity between the TV OS and the Server OS - the shiny new look on the web version certainly is not reflected on the TV version of Plex anymore.

It may well be that I just need to fork out and buy a new TV (unlikely I'll do LG ever again), but really Plex, can't you make some effort to at least make the look and feel consistent across the platforms?


There is an early access preview of the new application, that has been available for a while now. It’s not yet available for WebOS less than version 3.0 or Full HD devices.

We’re still working on opening it up for webOS 1 and 2 as well as Full HD devices.


Thank you @markus101 for the update. There seems to be a number of users (Plex pass and otherwise) asking about this sort of issue, perhaps it could be done as a sticky or something so everyone see’s this info - that is is a work in progress. We aren’t helped by the lack of LG update/support for TV’s that aren’t really all that old, so fingers crossed you lovely Plex folk can find a solution :slight_smile: