LG webOS Autoplay



How do I autoplay or go to next TV episode on the LG webOS plex app? After an episode finishes, I currently have to hit back, back, then scroll to the right over to the episode list, then scroll down to find the next episode. The "next chapter" button on the remote does not do anything.

I also have the xbox one plex app and it has a 15 second countdown and then it autoplays the next episode. Or I can press the "next chapter" button on the remote and it instantly goes to the next episode.

LG webOS 3.7
plex app version 3.13.13


‘<’ and ‘>’ in the top right near your avatar :wink:


This is the same problem that I posted here in September 2017.
Answers from someone on the Plex team: 0
XPlay has that function but XPlay needs to pay for a license and, as far as I’ve tried, the only notable difference with the official version is this. Besides, I’ve already paid for PMS. This function should be implemented in the official client, just as it is in the web client.

@himwithnoname said:
‘<’ and ‘>’ in the top right near your avatar :wink:

This answer is wrong. If you read my thread maybe you really understand what we’re talking about.

Perhaps @mattseeley, as part of the Plex team and developer of the client for LG, could enlighten us about this deficiency of the application. That would be nice. :wink: