LG Webos Store display really old PLEX app version



when I check the version of the PLEX app available in LG Webos store it shows a version from 2016.
I have a webOS 2.0 TV. According to the release announcements there were several updates lately for Webos 2.0 as well.

anyone had a similar issue or know where to download latest version?


Sorry for double post


Noticed that too but look at version number in your installed client and it shows its been updated


I’ve noticed the same, it shows last updated in 2016. There have been updates since then, though it does seem to me that Plex no longer supports older versions of WebOS on LG, whilst what is there functions, it certainly doesn’t seem to support the newer look and feel and it is lacking in some of the newer features. Much like LG themselves who barely support 2 plus year old TVs, maybe Plex just aren’t doing backward compatible updates. A three year old TV by modern standards probably should be on it’s last legs anyway I suppose. I’m off to the TV store and I guess I won’t be alone.


The app itself is updated and announcements have been published: http://forums.plex.tv/discussion/132141/plex-for-smart-tvs-tivo#latest

The shell of the app has not required changes and why you see a years old version in the LG store.


Again, thank you @Markus101 for the update :smiley: