Library filename protocol



For the life of me I can't get the TV shows or personal videos to show up in the library. The Movie folder works fine. I have renamed/rearranged as per the PLEX recommendations and have worn myself out doing the PLEX dance. I have attached a recent log also. My file structure is as follows with just one file shown as example.

Movie content
/Misc Videos
Cocaine Blues.flv
/TV Shows
/Game of Thrones
/Season 07
Game of Thrones S07E01 .MKV
/Major Crimes
/Season 01
Major Crimes - S01E01 - Reloaded.MP4
/Season 02
/Season 03
/Season 04

I am running ZORIN 09.
Please HELP!


I typed all the file structure out but when sent it justified all tot he left margin


And you have the your TV library pointing to the "/TV SHOWS" directory?


I'm not sure what you mean by pointing. All my folders with content are under the MEDIA folder and I assumed that is where PLEX looks for all the various files.



Thanks, but I have read and followed these articles numerous times.


@tld6008 said:
Thanks, but I have read and followed these articles numerous times.

Need to know: mp4 files can contain embedded metadata which often contains spam or useless information which disturbs the Plex matching process.
Do this: Go to Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheTVDB
In there, grab the line 'Local Media Assets' with your mouse and drag it downwards, so it ends up being at the bottom of the stack of active agents.
Repeat the same under
Settings - Server - Agents - Shows - TheMovieDatabase
Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - Plex Movie
Settings - Server - Agents - Movies - TheMovieDatabase

Also need to know: if you rename files after an unsuccessful or wrong match, you need to perform the Plex Dance or they will retain their wrong match even if you rename them to the correct format.


Thanks again, I just performed all you recommended then did the PLEX Dance and still have the same issues. Empty library when looking into the TV Shows folder or the Misc Videos folder


What I mean is that the Movies Library should point to your "/Movies" directory. The TV Shows Library should point to your "/TV Shows" directory. NO Library should point to your "/Media" directory.


You've lost me. I do not direct the Libraries to point anywhere. PLEX looks to the Media folder for all files which are arranged in respective sub folders i.e. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Etc.


Plex has different Library Types because of different scanners used.
Movies and TV Shows CANNOT be in the same Library.

Pictures normally help a lot :slight_smile: , so…
My Movie Library:

My TV Series Library:

They point to different directories, corresponding to your “/Movies” and “/TV Shows” respectively. (in my case, I have several directories for each type of media to assist me in managing the actual files.)

Hopefully, this explains better than my words could. :slight_smile:


Thank you SO much! What you showed above was exactly what I needed. I had never actually added the path (pointed) to the folders with the edit/add folder option. I must have stumbled into it with my movies as they have always been available. Everything works as it should now and I feel like a moron...albeit a happy one.