Library isn't using filename correctly for some items



I’ve been organizing my library’s physical folder structure and file naming conventions per the Help doc:

but while it seems to work correctly for most items, it doesn’t work for others. Check this out:

The following two files are located at: \Videos\TV\Kids\A.N.T. Farm\Season 01

but this is how they appear in the UI

I’ve hit “Scan Library Files” on that library, and hit “Refresh Metadata” and “Analyze” on that “Episode 14” entry multiple times but it just won’t update to the naming I’ve specified. What’s up with that?


The TVDB shows you’ve named it correctly, but the screen capture indicates it is not finding a match. Have you tried to match it and if so what were the results?


Hi @grhiner, thanks for replying - what do you mean by “match”, I don’t see that as an option anywhere in the UI? (may be missing it with my husband eyes)


Sorry, it would be a solution for movies, but not TV.

Are you using the TVDB as your primary agent in Settings>>Server>>Agents under Shows TVDB and the TVDB to top entry on the list? This will essentially force the use of the TVDB as the first agent. The show and its episodes are listed as you have them so you may have luck this way.


You might also refresh or Update after checking the agent.


I thought it might be the “periods” in ANT messing it up; but I just tried it with your naming and it came up correctly, first shot.

So, that’s not it. :expressionless:
It might be bogus metadata in the files; but I can’t check that. But as far as “fix match” goes; it’s only at the series level;so when you use it, it’ll re-do the whole show.

Other than trying “fix Match” or checking your metadata; I’m not even sure what to look for. :confused:


The library involved is pointed at “\Videos\TV\Kids” not “\Videos\TV” correct?
If it is pointed at “\Videos\TV” then that is the problem because the shows must be directly below the library folder not nested deeper.


Thanks everybody, I was able to resolve it after jumping through a few hoops:

First I moved TVDB up to the top of the list under Settings > Server > Agents > Shows > The TVDB per @grhiner’s suggestion, and then re-scanned the Library and then hit “Refresh Metadata” and “Analyze” on that file. Repeating those steps and poking around a bit oddly produced the following:

Out of desperation I decided to remove the file completely out of the file structure and repeat the scan/refresh/analyze steps above (several times), with no effect - I checked under the entry’s “Get info” and it said it was unable to access the file (because I’d removed it) but it still wasn’t removing the entry out of the library.

Finally I deleted the entry from the Library itself, and then returned the file back to the same location, did a rescan of the library and it showed up correctly:

So I think there are two underlying issues:

  • it seems that server wasn’t able to update the file’s info for some reason - I had to remove it completely and add it back as a new item before it would use the correct info


  • even though I removed the item entirely from its folder and re-scanned, the server wouldn’t remove it from the library for some reason. I had to delete it manually from the library in order to make the entry go away.

It’s possible I could have skipped all the other steps by deleting the entry from the library in the first place (backing up the file first!), doing a scan, then adding it back to the folder and scanning again. Anyway, I have a workaround to use now (there are other files that are behaving strangely like this).

Thanks for all the feedback!


And I’ve since learned that what I did has an actual name: “The Plex Dance”, although I only danced a couple of the steps :smile: