Library Scan not working



Hi there,

I've updated my QNAP Nas to the most recent version of Plex and with that it seems that the library no longer automatically updates, adds files to the scan folders, pull metadata, etc. It even says a few pre-exsisting shows are not found when they're still visible in the file viewer on my NAS and watchable directly over my network using the built in player, not Plex. Scanning the library says it has done so but the results are the same. Any ideas what i can do to fix this?

Thanks much!


Same problem here.


please post your logs


I have the same problem …
see logs
I can’t read the logs


and a more recent log

when I hit the “scan library” (any library I have) then I see a short reaction, but then nothing more
and when I look I see no scan running as the text in the drop-down list is “scan library” and not “stop the scan”!
so no scan is running
Plex server version =


not much in your logs except a pretty long-running scan of your extensive music library (which apparently worked).
if the Plex Web menus don’t get updated, you can also check the Activities section ( -> Alerts)… this should show how the scan progresses.


I have added some 20 CD’s and have hit the Scan Library but nothing happens!
Also in the Alerts section PLEX only says “Listening to events” and nothing more, thus PLEX didn’t start the scan.

I know that two days ago the Scan was running for a long time but I saw no new CD’s appearing on the screen. So I stopped the scan.
And now the Scan won’t start again.


could be that’s the problem and Plex has those new files half-digested in its belly :wink:
what you experience as “no scanning” could be Plex determining no updates and being done super-fast.

  • let’s move those 20-something CDs outside the Plex library folder
  • re-scan the library
  • empty trash, clear caches of that library
  • move the CD folders back
  • re-scan the library


I have 3 Music Libraries and I’ve added only on one those 20 CD’s.
but none of the 3 libraries will start scanning …
cleaning has been done of trash and caches some days ago, but this doen’t help
I’ve even done an optimisation of the database and a cleaning of bundles


I have closed PLEX, restarted the server, moved alle newly added (20) CD’s to a local drive, restarted the QNAP NAS and now ithe problem has vanished
next thing to do is adding the files from the local drive again to the NAS …
I hope everything will keep on working as it should


Everything is again OK now.
It seems that restarting the QNAP has made the change.
thank you for the help and tips!