line of text showing above a 720P video running on SD TV from rasplex 3



HI I'm using an android tablet to cast to a rasplex 3 unit outputting SD resolution. When a cast a video that is at 720P, in the black section above the running video, there is text displayed. i can't make up what it is (which is why i cast from the android in the first place) but it looks like show text and a revision number ( ie if i cast a 480 video, i don't have the line of text. i don't remember seeing this before. Can it be turned off so that only the black box is displayed around the resized video ? Thanks


what version of rasplex are you using?


i believe it's the most current. I have the raspplex IF set to auto update. I'm at work currently but will check we i get home. I swear it looks like a descriptive revision string (text is to blurry to read in SD) - only happens when rasplex is displaying HD content in SD.


I checked and the interface is set for auto update and I'm on plexpass so it should be the most current. I can't read the text of the revision string but it looks identical to the string of text showing up on the SD tv when playing a 720 video that the server has reduced in size. is there a setting to remove this text string from the play back? Thanks


when you say that you are outputing an SD format is through the hdmi or through the audio/video jack?

have you touch or checked the overscan options during the tv calibration? Because if you are outputing an SD signal I bet that text is on the overscan garbage that that you would usually not see


I’m using the av jack on the rasplex - i tried using the hdmi and a down converter box but most of the screen was black border in SD :). i set the scan boundaries when i set up the SD tv. this only happens when the server down scales a 720P to SD. A SD file is fine (fills the screen as it should). This text is something new that had started within the last couple of months. I’m also getting the rasplex splash screen between episodes in a playlist as well (SD or 720P) and i don’t remember that happening until recently.