List View of Folder in Library in Plex for Android



New thread – old problem

There has been a thread running for 4 years on the issue below and the “bug” has never been addressed, despite many requests and many software upgrades over the period. So I am starting this new thread with a description of the problem as seen on the current version ( of Plex for Android .

Briefly, the problem concerns getting a List View of the contents of a particular Folder.
I will describe it clearly, in detail, below.

For a Library pointing to a hierarchical system of Folders, SubFolders and Files, when a Library is selected on the Player, All the files in that Library are displayed in alphabetical order, irrespective of which Folder or Subfolder they are in. There is a Grid/List Menu ( box-of-dots, top middle ) to select a Grid or List View of these files.

Many people dislike Grid View, since the Filename is severely truncated, and find List View much more useful.

There may be times when seeing All the files is useful but usually, navigating down to the required Folder/Subfolder is better to display just the files therein.

This can be achieved from the Type Menu ( WiFi-type-icon, top right hand) by selecting Folders, rather than Movies. However, the Grid/List Menu then disappears, the view defaults to Grid View and there is no means of restoring List View.

Overall a very useful program but this "bug" is a real downer. Could the problem , PLEASE, PLEASE be addressed in the next version.

The Server has similar functionality but there is no problem there and List View is retained after navigating down the Folder hierarchy.

I refer to this as a "bug", since I think it very unlikely that this behavior was intended but have tagged it Feature Request just in case I am wrong


I have recently discovered Plex and thought it would be great for streaming all my media from my PC. I have 1000s of files spread over more than 200 folders.
Streaming a file once I have found it seems to work well for me but finding it is a big problem so I joined the forum for help with this. Your post explains my problem.
I can search my 1st folder but can not then show the contents of this or subfolders in a List to navigate down to my file- I am forced to use the Grid, which does not show enough of the file name. Seems strange behavior!
I agree this makes the system rather unusable I hope this can be cured. It would then be good.


If you search again on List View you will find the old Thread which was ongoing for a very long time .
It is a mystery to me why this "bug" was not picked up and corrected in one of the updates since it really spoils the system.
It is very frustrating that all the other users and now myself are failing to get the message back to the Team.
I am beginning to feel that this forum is of no value at all in feeding back essential system changes .
I have not seen any comments why it works in this way and why anyone should think that this behavior is useful.
The Grid View may look pretty and colorful but seeing data more clearly ( as it does in List View ) is of prime importance to me and I would think most users.


Yes, very irritating.
I think it needs only a few lines of program change to correct this.
It would make life with Plex so much better.
I would need to change 1000s of filenames to make them unique in Grid View since the way I name them, the first part indicates the folder they are in and then details of that particular file.
In Grid View, only the first part can be seen, which is useless.
In List View, I would see the rest of the filename.
Are there any other similar Apps which would be better ?


I have started a Poll of preferences for List or Grid View
It will be interesting to see the results.

Incidentally, when I first started to use Plex, with an earlier version of Plex for Android, the Folder option was in the Group with Grid and List. When I updated to the next version, I saw that Folder had been moved.
Hurrah, I thought, it will be OK now.
Alas, the choice of List View was still removed after first use of Folder.
This suggests that these forums are not read by the right people, since this bug should have been collected together with other mods, for inclusion in the next update.
So, not much confidence that it will be addressed next time.

It needs a better system of bug reporting.

It would be interesting to know if the bug is the same on other platforms, as well as Android.

Unfortunately, very few of the people who read these posts make any comment.
Support or rebuff of our comments /suggestions would be useful.


It's a very annoying issue. I don't understand why offer a "List View" but then make it available only for the top level of the hierarchy!

I want everything to show up as List View. Some people want everything to show up as Grid View. It shouldn't be THAT hard, it's a 15 minute job for the laziest of developers unless their app is some convoluted mess of a code.

I play mostly Classical Music, and it's insanely hard trying to understand what I'm selecting from grid view, "Beethoven Symphon.." "Beethoven Symphon.." "Beethoven Symphon.." "Beethoven Symphon..", I think my point is clear on this :D


It's been raised on Twitter and Plex say they regard it as low priority. See below

Maybe more tweets there would help to raise its priority.

I found another tweet where Plex were recommending pointing a Library at the top level of a folder tree. This I find quite amazing and seems to reflect Plex's lack of understanding of Folders and Files and their system.
If the tree contains 100s of Folders and 1000s of files, then simply using List View ( or Grid View ) shows ALL the files in 1 HUGE list ( or grid ). The necessary use of Folder View to reduce this to a manageable size then imposes Grid View, with its severe problem for longish file names.

So I also, tweeted there about this issue.


In an earlier post I said
It would be interesting to know if the bug is the same on other platforms, as well as Android.
I have answered this (at least partially) myself by installing the Plex Media Player ( for Windows ) on my laptop.
This looks rather like the Server and behaves perfectly well (for Videos - see P.S. below) i.e.
after choosing Folders (rather then Movies) from one drop-down menu, another similar menu offers the List/Grid choice.
However, it would still be interesting to know if the omission of this option in Plex for Android was deliberate or a programming error - guess we will never know. Whichever, it causes a lot of grief and irritation, particularly now that we know they are aware of it but regard it as low priority.

P.S. Everything to date by me has concerned Videos. Having just started to look at Photos, I see there are problems there too e.g. Sorting by Name, which appear not to work.


Here also want the folder view back.


I setup Plex media on Seagate NAS pro and Apple tv (4) over the last month.

I noticed that the latest version of plex for apple tv (4) has removed grid view
I now choose Animations - sub/dir - Adventure Time - sub/dir - 34 episodes that now disappear off the RHS of the screen and need 8 swipes to get to the end.

Am I missing something or is this the same issue that is being discussed above?

Thanks in advance for reading.


Adding my voice in requesting this feature. I signed up for the forum just to make this comment.


I agree, i thought i could use Plex to navigate my library and play music from my tv/sound system. But apparently its not working very well. The library options are very limited. First of all i would like to see a list view in tracks, folders, albums, artist and whatnot. Secondly there should be better sort options, similar to the one that comes with plex player for windows. But that one isnt very good either because the text gets truncated when having to many sort options enabled and you cant move or expand the rows. Ive been paying for a premium version for about two years now and i cant even get a list view of my library. Makes no sense at all.


I've been looking for this feature as well. Please fix this bug in android.


Thanks for the support
All very frustrating since they know about it but do not consider it important. When will they wake up !
It would suggest that the people assigning priorities for bug fixes never really use the system themselves or they would share our frustrations and take action.
It certain does not encourage use of their system or the purchase of a Plex Pass
I have started using Solid Explorer File Manager on my Android device to access and play the videos on my PC ( Server ) since that has a Cast facility built in. I appreciate that cannot transcode files which are in the wrong format but all mine are Chromecast compatible so that is not a problem for me and with it I can easily navigate down folder trees and see the full filenames at each level.


Their flippant response on Twitter is incredibly offensive. This bug completely breaks the utility of PLEX for large libraries, or for any without a flat organization. Just ridiculous. This really needs to be fixed.


Fully agree but how do we get through to them ? Certainly looks like they do not monitor these posts.

When I first started to use Plex, without any experience of how it really operated, I thought it was essentially a flat filing system and posted a Newbie question about this.. Someone from Plex did reply very quickly to point out that a Library could point to nested folders. At that stage , I was unaware of the List problem when doing this so did not respond.
May we should try to post in a Newbie Discussion Group , which maybe they do monitor.


One more vote for adding this feature again hereby added. Please let us have list view back for the Plex for Android client as this makes browsing, particular at album level way to messy


This level of stupidity is beyond my understanding. Why have the 'browse by folder' option been removed ? Why this company is not listening to their customers and don't recognize that people are different and have their own preferences and don't want to be forced to the only one good choice someone made for them. Option to browse pictures & movies by folders and subfolders or to have something as basic as IPTC photo description is an absolute must have for any media management software. Seeing how this company treats customers I'm not going to risk and invest my time for the solution that will only work with this software. Really, my plex media library is a mess now and I can't find anything. All my pictures are categorized by folders e.g. Rome vaccation, Wedding etc. and sometimes have some subfolders e.g. Day 1 Colosseum, Day 2 Vatican etc. This is an easy way to quickly view what I want. But now in a web app I can see all subfolders messed together and additionally thousand of photos in the same one main 'folder?' which makes finding anything almost impossible. Really, I don't understand who needs things like photos auto tagging when the basic functionality is not working and dosen't seem it will ever be as we can see a move backward instead of any progress....


Me to, folder view at all levels please.


Bump, found this thread while googling for the solution to this problem! Love Plex apart from this issue. I'm using it on a PS4 but without list in folder view it's impossible to find media