List View?



In the windows desktop plex player you can view your library items by folder then select List to show a list of the media in a folder.  In the Android plex app (mobile layout) I can only find the option to view items by folder, there is no option to view items in a list.  If I select TV Layout, then I see my media in a list view for some, but not all folders.


The Tile Layout is a nice option for some types of media with short title names, but I prefer the normal file directory view so I can actually see the full title name of my files.  How can I do this, and if it's not supported - WHY???


Same question. I have many, many home movies with long descriptive filenames, I also use folder view, and I'd like to scroll through the list in a folder and see all (or at least much more) of the filenames. Please help!


I'd like to second a request for this feature.

It's impossible to tell files with long filenames from one another in the android app...


Me too.

Encountering the same problem with home movies using long file names beginning with identical details.



I agree that this is an issue with home movies and one that i'm keen to resolve. The request has been raised internally, and we'll hopefully be able to allocate it to a release soon.

Thanks for your patience



I just wanted to bump this thread because it's really hindering UI expirience. For me this is the biggest UI issue I currently have with the program.



Agree with logutov.

However, Ian, I dont think the issue only applies to home movies. Would be nice to have a listview option for everything.


I need this for my music collection as well.


Agreed! Would be a nice option. My home movies all start year-month-date, and at that point I can only see a few letters of the actual description.


This is a really huge usability shortcoming, is pretty much standard behavior in any software, and would be so easy to the devs monitor these forums or is it just people complaining amongst themselves?


This is a problem for me as most of my videos are home videos with long file names.


Add another request for this....

Trying to pick files base don cut-off names is making this very difficult and somewhat embarassing to use... :(

If only Motocast would work on Non-Moto phones...


It seems a bit ridiculous that Plex can't fix this issue over a time scale of months. I pay for Plex Pass but my entire collection is essentially unplayable on Android. I can't tell my files apart - due to the tile layout, only 11 letters of the file names are visible.



I'm regretting having paid for PlexPass now that I've found that list view or even a more functional folder view don't seem to be priorities.


Same here, list view for plex mobile apps needed!



Please, please, please add list view. This is a greatly needed feature that should be added to the Android/iOS plex app. It's been way to long to not have this feature already added.


Would be great to be able to have a list view to see long file/folder names on Android.

Completely makes the UX useless since I have a lot of files starting same names. 


My music collection is rather large, and having the capability to view the full title of the folders I'm browsing would greatly assist with being able to swiftly select an album I'd like to listen to. As an example, upon opening my "Sevendust" folder, I am greeted with 12 different folders named "Sevendust". They're a great band, but when I'm looking for one particular song, I don't want to play what feels like a game of darts while blindfolded in order to find the album I'm looking for.

Hopefully, a "list view" option is in the works. I'd hate to have to find a new solution after having paid money for the Android application.


Almost a year since first post on this thread, and no response, and no updates to deal with this issue...


yeah that is certainly more than long enough to update, so I am assuming its probably forgotten about.