Live TV/DVR not showing up in PLEX windows app or the TIVO app



I have plex pass and HD homeRun connect. Everything works fine and I can access plex via the web browser and watch and manage live TV. Installed the PLEX app from the microsoft store and all my libraries show up; however, the Live TV is not available. Am I missing something? Also no live TV in the plex app for TIVO. Thanks


@tazbytes said:
Am I missing something?

The FAQ for Plex Live TV

Which apps let me watch “Live TV”?

Live TV is currently supported on the following Plex apps:

Amazon Fire TV
Android (mobile)
Android TV
Apple TV
Plex Web App

See the dedicated article for more details.

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EDIT - Oh, and feel free to ask, but never get an answer until it’s already released, IF it’s ever released, for any feature/addition/app support because Plex has little transparency about any changes.


This has really taken a very long time… Android TV… Roku… Come on, XBOX and W10 Please…


Update: HDHR viewer for HDHomerun solved my issue for now. Since the Plex App for my TIVO does not support the live TV and I really wanted to be able to watch my live TV from the OTA antenna on the TIVO (TIVO was not accessible to connecting to the antenna thus the need for the HDHomeRun tuner). However, after installing the HDHR viewer via the Plex Web Tools, now I can go to any TIVO in the house and run the plex app, go to the channels and using the HDHR viewer watch live TV from my HDHomeRun connect on my TIVO. Excellent.


@tazbytes - I just can’t imagine why you’d go through doing that when Tivo is a perfectly good, and more responsive from my experience, way to watch “Live” TV.
I too have Tivo, but I don’t use it to watch Live TV on Plex. I use Tivo to watch (usually 30 minutes deferred) “Live” TV, and I use Plex to view pre-recorded content. I only use the HDHR/Plex combo when in another part of the house or remote where I can’t timeshift.


@JamminR - Totally agree with you. Tivo blows away the plex live TV with a OTA antenna. My situation is my TIVO is located in a place that I cannot hookup an OTA antenna to it so was looking for a way to feed live TV to the Tivo through the network from another source like the HDHomerun tuner. Not the best solution but at least it works for now until I can get an antenna feed over to the TIVO.