Live tv/dvr on Dish AirTV?



Hi all, my apologies if I'm not in the right place - I recently started using an AirTV (dish) setup for antenna/sling to replace cable and am wondering if it's possible to use the plex live tv/dvr service with it to dvr the antenna channels. I have the AirTV and their antenna adapter, not sure if this equipment is compatible with Plex's service.



I do not see that as a supported tuner


Does anyone have an update on this? I’d like to know if there is any planned support of the AirTV product using PLEX TV and DVR functionality. If I choose the HDHomeRun device will I need any other HDHomeRun services like the DVR software?


I would LOVE to know this also. While I do like the HDHomerun products better, Sling uses the AirTv and wont be supporting HDHomeRun. So my choices are Sling with the new AirTV box and NOT be able to use my Plex with it OR get the HDHomeRun and use Plex Live TV/DVR to watch my local channels.

Just knowing if AIRTV box (NOT THE PLAYER) is being looked at as a possible supported device for Plex would be helpful for me to make my decision


I would also be very interested in knowing this! I’m currently deciding between the HDHomerun Duo and the AirTV. So far the AirTV is winning, as it has WiFi and that would make it much easier to place in my home. However I also see it doesn’t currently have DVR capability. There does appear to be a USB port so I suppose that could get added in the future.


@nokdim said:
I do not see that as a supported tuner

For now, users are better off relegating the antenna to a separate input, or buying a full-blown networked DVR solution such as Tablo or HDHomeRun with Plex.


HDHomeRun don’t have WiFi, it is overpriced ($179 if you want to use HW transcoding) and only support a support on Apple TV it cost another $25. So I decide to not to go with HDHomeRun.

On the other hand, AirTV has WiFi has transcoding, has a free app on everywhere with the guide, its support over the internet watching and also with adding sling membership you and add premium channels.

However the problem, I like Plex and I want to use Plex for Live TV and DVR, but Plex is not supporting this tuner. Plex staff, why? and do you have any plan to support AirTV tuner?