Live TV on remote devices is constantly freezing



Live TV on my remote Android TV devices are constantly freezing. If I use a remote IOS device on the same internet connection Live TV works fine. I am running the lasts versions of PMS and Plex for android. Here is an old log of it happening.


Has anyone got their live tv to work without buffering? Whats the answer, whats the trick? Is it upload speed? I can view anything I have in my movies with no problem, I just want my live tv to work. It won’t work no matter what I do. The only thing I know to try is change my upload speed with the provider to a faster speed. Please help! I am referring to (remote viewing) too. In the house works flawlessly.


Ok since my post I have answered my own question, lol. I have learned a lot by trial and error, so to speak. When it comes to the live tv being used remotely there are a lot of variables that come into play. I used mine and my wife’s phone to do the testing. Mine is a an android hers is a iPhone 8, which is newer than mine. So maybe speed of the processor in the phone maybe matters in your streaming experience. Hers didn’t buffer and mine did during live tv. Keep in mind we are talking about remote usage!
NOW YOU CAN FORGET STREAMING LIVE TV if you don’t have at least 10 mbps upload speed…When I upgraded my plan from 5 mbps to 10 IT FIXED MY PROBLEM! However, I am not able to stream 1080 but can 720p live tv. I hope this post helps someone…If your smarter than me, which a lot of people are please don’t try and argue with me…It won’t happen, I help people, not argue. This is just my own experience with live tv, I am not a professional… :smiley: Oh, before I go, When I connected my android phone to a friends wifi my android phone didn’t buffer and 720p…Im still testing for the next few days, so I will update if I learn more.


I have a remote client that has a download speed of 20m and the servers upload speed is at 20m. I am still having this problem.


I am still having this issue. Has anyone made any progress on this issue?