Live TV Stopped Functioning After 6.3.0 Update - Sony Bravia 65x850D Android TV



PMS Version:
PMS Running on Windows 10

Android TV Device: Sony Bravia 65x850D running Android TV 6.0.1
Plex Client Version: (5ee6ec87)

Tuner: HDHomeRun Extend Firmware Version: 20161119

Prior to the Android 6.3.0 Update Live TV was functioning on my Sony Bravia 65x850D. After Plex updated to 6.3.0 Live TV has stopped functioning. I have updated to both 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 with the same results. The Program Guide displays the correct information but when a channel is selected to watch it displays "Tuning Channel" then goes to the loading spinning circle and sits there.

However, live TV has and continues to run on my Nexus Player running the same version of Plex as my Sony Bravia. Since the 6.3 update, live TV also functions on my Nexus 6p.

I have tried the following:
* Cleared data on Plex App
* Reinstalled Plex App
* Hard restart on Sony Bravia
* Restart of Plex Server
* Turned off transcoding on HD Homerun Extend
* Updated to 6.3.1
* Updated to 6.3.2

Attached are the logs having been turned on and issue recreated at about 12:54pm EST on 2017-08-03.


Same here. Server and Client app are up to date. Live TV is down since few weeks on the Sony Android TV. My Server has a Haaupauge quad tuner tho.


I don't have your hardware but It's not your hardware. It's ExoPlayer V2 not working right with plex on other Android TV devices too, like my MiBox. No Live TV.


I wonder if the HDHomerun app or Google's Live Channel use ExoPlayer. Both of those apps have no issues streaming from my HDHomerun Extend.


Same issues here, Similar setup, works on all my other devices, but not my 850D.

I also noticed that the HomeRunHD says it is streaming and has the stream rate listed, but not showing on the TV

Any solutions?


Same issue here with Mi box


They just released an update that's suppose to correct the issue.


I just wanted to say thank you to the Plex devs for fixing this issue so quickly because football. :smiley: