Live TV unavailable in latest Android update



It's set up properly and works on web, but in the new Android app it no longer works. Instead I get a message to set up live tv with a link to a useless help page.

Anyone else having this issue?


I see the same thing.


Same here... Interesting. I've had DVR activated since it was released.


Same here. The new app is terrible... Reverting back to the old one.


Ok, i fixed it by wiping the data for the plex app.


Still hate the new app. Much harder to navigate.


Double checked. Seems to be working now. First try this time on network (not sure if that matters) and second try off network and it's ok.


Clearing the app data and cache fixed it for me. Thanks @legomind .
On a side note, I love the new GUI. It's significantly better than the previous one.


App data and cache clear worked for me as well.

I have mixed emotions about the new interface. It's different so my knee-jerk reaction was not to like it. The more familiar I get with it the better I like it though.