Live TV without the tuner if you don't want DVR?



Wondering if it's possible to get the live TV functionality with just PlexPass + AppleTV + antenna?

Yes, I'm being a cheapskate because I don't want to buy the tuner, but I also don't care about the DVR feature, so if I could get away with not buying the tuner and the only consequence would be losing the ability to DVR, I'm ok with that. :)

All I want is to be able to watch live local OTA channels again and since my TV got screwy (only thing that shows a picture is HDMI input #1) my options are 1) buy another TV or 2) use PlexPass's Live TV through the AppleTV (which is the only input that shows a picture nowadays).

Thanks for any advice/help!


Live TV for Plex also requires a tuner of some sort, external to any TV (internal tuner working or not).

If you don't want to pay for PlexPass, then you can still get Live TV on your Apple TV with a different app (called Channels) BUT you will still need a tuner (from Silicon Dust). See for more info:


Any live TV requires a tuner to be able to take the OTA signal and turn it into a video bitstream.

If you're that desperate to avoid buying a tuner, and don't care about DVRing content, you can plug the antenna directly into your TV.