Local Extras for TV Shows?



Ditto on adding the feature


Would love this feature as well - getting my Chuck blurays finally transcoded to 720p, and there are tons of extras!


Bump - A feature like this would be much appreciated.


I really need it too, mainly for Breaking Bad deleted scenes!


Bump, I'd really like this feature as well. My mom would love all of her Downton Abbey features to be included.


Seems kinda ridiculous that this topic has floated so long without official comment. I'm in the same boat as others. I have years worth of TV episodes with HUNDREDS of extras and seemingly no practical way to add them to Plex. It's lack of basic functionality like this why I won't even consider getting a Plex Pass.


Check out the latest release notes for the Android client... no further references yet, but if clients start to support "extras on TV show's seasons and episodes", that sounds promising to me :)
Hope the next PMS update will include support for this feature on server side :D


BUMP! Surely someone is able to at least comment on this!


I am doing my part to also bump this one. TV Show extras should have been added with Movie extras. This omission is a glaring negative on the developers who seem to spend most of the time making new features instead of working on and improving the current features.


Brand new Plex user and I love how extras work with movies. Like the other users on this post I would love to see the same thing implemented with TV shows. Having a way to attach extras like deleted scenes, interviews, bloopers, etc... to each tv show season is needed!


I would also like extras for TV shows!


Definitely, extras for TV Shows!


Here is something I've done for shows where I have LOTS of extras.... Family Guy, Simpsons, etc.
I just 'created' another show called for example 'Family Guy Extras'.
The I create seasons just like the regular show with the extras from each season.
Using a metadata program like MediaElch to create nfo files (suitable for XBMC/Kodi) since this was my main home theater media player for the longest time... still use it actually.
Anyway in Plex you have to set up your tv show Agent to 'XBMCnfoTVImporter' so it will use the metadata.
You can also select your own artwork and bickety bam you have your own custom shows.

I also do this for other things that have no particular category... For example YouTube series... like the Epic Rap Battles of History for example or the latest one I just did.... Exploring Middle Earth series that a guy is posting. I just download the episodes and do the same that I did with the show extras. Looks nice and polished just like a regular series.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of individual screen grabs for individual episodes Plex will grab a frame from your videos.

Hope this helps someone.
I actually don't prefer the season 00 crap unless its just a few extras.
Something like the Simpsons in its 28th season has way to many extras to cram in one folder.


Bump: plex really needs this feature.


I got Plex pass lifetime to myself as a christmas gift a month ago, just want to weigh in here and say that of course extras should be handled for tvshows, just like they are with movies at the moment. Would be nice of the developers to at least chime in and say if this is feasible, or why if it isn't.


Another me too bump, extras along with the episodes would be a wonderful feature


Bump :( would love this feature


@OttoKerner @elan ? I'd love to see this too.


Bump, same here.


This would be great