Local Extras for TV Shows?



First off, I'm so happy this feature was added. My question is does it also work for TV Shows? All the guides show how to do it for movies so I'm not sure if it work for TV Shows.


I have the complete Star Trek TNG TV show setup in plex, but I also have TONS of bonus material (think a "behind the scenes" for basically every episode) that I haven't been able to include. I'd really like to integrate them in if there's a proper way to do it now.


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I'm completely familiar with the Specials folder for TV Shows; however, this reallly doesn't apply to my situation.

According to TVDB:

A special is NOT deleted scenes, bloopers, gag reels, etc. from the DVD release of shows.

So all my: Behind the Scenes, Interviews, etc. doesn't count.

More over, even if I did get it to work, I'd feel more like a work around than an actual solution. I'd much rather be able to click on an individual episode and see the "bonus content" for that one episode instead of looking in a Specials folder with hundreds of videos.

Honestly, I was really hoping for a solution like along the lines of the way the new local extras feature works for movies.


I'm in the same boat here. I have loads of tv series that have extras like deleted or behind the scenes and also specials that are listed on the tvdb. I can add the specials in Season 0 but there are no solutions for for the extras. I tried to add them like I would with Films but it doesn't work. A solution for this should be developed ASAP as I've never seen a DVD or Blue-Ray series collection without these extras.


bump bump....need a solution for this


bump...just added 24 (Season 1) Box Set and I'd love to add the Alt Ending


I am a bit surprised that the extras naming convention doesn't apply to TV Shows as well. Seems short sighted from a development perspective.


bump. this would be great to have


Bump and more bump. The lack of this feature is making it impossible for me to get the Battlestar Galactica deleted scenes to even show up in Plex. If I name them in an S00 sequence, they are ID'd as the miniseries that came before the show, or as later miniseries that were related to the show and are in the TVDB.

I just want to drop them into a 'Deleted Scenes' folder with descriptive names, or name them ending in -deleted, just as is possible with files related to movies.


I too would love this feature to work with TV shows. Surely if it's there for movies then it could potentially be applied in a similar fashion to a TV shows library?


I'm struggling with deleting some of my 'Bonus' content from TV shows now because they keep getting mis detected as episodes. It would be really great to have a proper solution for this.


bump for feature request.

Show\season 01\extra and movie (year)\extras for extras. On tv... having them in the special (season 00) folder is not great because extras often apply to a particular season.

For TV, a naming convention would be Show.S01.X01.ext and they should be listed on the client after the last episode.

For movies a naming scheme like moviename.X01.ext and they should be listed on the client just like the trailers are.


I'd love this feature too.

I have a 10 Season TV Show from Bluray and each season has extras, my Season 00 folder is going to be a mess :(


Another bump here. Would really love to be able to have extras for TV shows!


Add me to list to this of wanna haves!


Ditto on adding the feature


Would love this feature as well - getting my Chuck blurays finally transcoded to 720p, and there are tons of extras!


Bump - A feature like this would be much appreciated.


I really need it too, mainly for Breaking Bad deleted scenes!


Bump, I'd really like this feature as well. My mom would love all of her Downton Abbey features to be included.