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Hi! I just upgraded from 1.5 to 1.10... And now Plex is broken....
If I remember I had to modify the file Preferences.xml for 1.5 to work, like : AcceptedEULA="1" or something!

I looked at the current list of settings, here : https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/201105343-Advanced-Hidden-Server-Settings
Then it seems those options aren't required anymore neither are token and related stuff?

I see some new setting "allowedNetworks", so I set it to my public gateway ip, then looking at the logs I noticed this :
Jan 07, 2018 16:25:05.178 [0x80a7b0000] DEBUG - Request came in with unrecognized domain / IP '' in header Host; treating as non-local
Jan 07, 2018 16:25:05.178 [0x80ba4cf00] DEBUG - Request: [ (Allowed Network)] GET /web/common/img/backgrounds/noise.8b05ce45d0df59343e206bc9ae78d85d.png (8 live) GZIP
While the second line shows the effect of setting allowed networks, the first one seems to block (treating as non-local)...
I guess I have to make my requests treated as local but I don't know how!

I connected to my Plex at
I aborted tls setting through nginx cause Plex seemed not ok with it! Maybe it is more ok now?
Does someone have nginx config chunk for plex through ssl + Plex Preferences.xml settings?
What about token?