Lost a server. Managed users can see it, but I cant...



Hi all

Updated AS5002T today to 2.6.5.R9N1.

I can no longer see my media sever when accessing via http://localhost:32400/web/ on the PC

In the drop down sever menu I briefly see 'connecting' before it disappears.

I CAN access it if;

  • I access on my account via my TVOS or IOS app (same network)
  • I use the PC and the same link, but switch to one of the managed users with whom i've shared access



Is the server running on your NAS or on the PC?

localhost is a loop back and generally stays on the machine you are running the browser on, so unless you have a PMS install on the PC it makes sense that you wouldn't get to your NAS either.

What I want you to try is this: Open your browser to go to your NAS's ADM page. (The main page you get when you open up Control Center and click "Open.") On this page you should see Plex Media Server icon on one of the pages. Click that, and your browser should open another window pointing to http://nas.ip.goes.here:32400/web/index.html

This should be the page you bookmark or admin PMS from, as it's local to your network and uses minimal WAN traffic.

Let me know if this works for you.


Hi Mike

Thanks for trying to help!

Guess I should have worded my issue differently :)

I can get to PMS just fine (I edited out my IP in the first note). Rather;

  • I see the account selection page - my main account, and those in my household
  • I select my account and enter the pin
  • I should have access to two media servers - one local (runs on the NAS) and one remote. I can see the remote one but I can no longer see or access the local one.
  • If I am quick and click on the drop down server menu I briefly see it "connecting" before it disappears

This means I currently have no way of managing my own media server!

I know the local PMS is running b/c I can access it if I select one of the house hold accounts I've previously shared it with.

Or, I can use my account on my ipad or TVOS and see it that way - but no server settings.

Is it a permissions or corrupt profile issue or something like that?



If you sign in with one of your managed users, and then sign out and sign in as yourself do you have access then?

I'm at a loss, as I've never heard of this before, so...

Might need to stop Plex in App Central, wait a bit, then restart it and see if you can get to it then. This might also be a browser issue. Try a different browser, maybe?


Did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue out of nowhere.