Lost my ability to specify server in (4c9e7618)



Hello, my app just updated and I seem to have lost the ability to specify what server I want to connect to. I have my own Plex Server on the local network and can access through the app but I also have a friend that has given me access to his libraries but since the upgrade I can't find where I can connect to his server anymore. In my settings through the web app I can see that he's still on my friends list and I still have access to his libraries but this app version has no option to change my server that I can see.

Help please


Disregard, realize that I have to go into Movies before I can pick the server. Not very intuitive but got it now :slight_smile:


see also https://support.plex.tv/articles/navigating-the-apps/

and https://support.plex.tv/articles/customizing-the-apps/


I’m having the same issue in Plex version on Android 8.1.0. I can’t switch between servers from the home screen at the top anymore. I can only specify what server I want to look out through a specific media type (TV, Movies, etc.). The web browser version of Plex works intuitive and same as before.


That’s one of the many shortcomings/absurdities of the new “better” UI… Get used to it, the Plex developers decided it’s awesome haha