Low audio with latest Chromecast update



WIth the latest chromecast update, my cast video audio level is very low. I have to turn my speakers way up in order to get acceptable volume, which isn't the case with other apps. This appeared to start the same day the latest Chromecast release (3.50.1) was released. The video files I'm using are encoded with AC3 5.1.


I thought something was wrong at my end suddenly, but I experience the same thing actually. Even having the Boost set to HUGE I still have to turn up my speakers.

Is this a bug? :open_mouth:


Probably this https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/102206/low-volume-on-my-chromecast/p4


Same issue here. Its suddenly very quiet but it’s been working fine for years.

Also apparently sometime recently my stereo is only getting 2 channel audio from my Chromecast when casting Plex. Suspect the quiet audio and 2 channels is related.

Its the same thing for videos where surround sound worked previously.

Not sure if a Plex or Chromecast issue.


Ok, nevermind my last post. Started working again after disconnecting and reconnecting Plex with my Chromecast a few times. Weird.