m4v, HEVC, VOBSUB problems




I recently added a television series to my Plex Media Server. The files are m4v files that are 1920x1080. They all have VOBSUB subtitles in the file. My problem is that when turning on the subtitles, my server isn't able to stream the show to my Computer, Android or Apple devices. If I turn off the subtitles, I can play the show just fine.

I'm guessing it has something to do with transcoding, and yes I am only running PMS on an extra laptop. The two things that are new in this instance is 1) the HEVC codec and 2) the VOBSUB subtitles. In the past, my laptop has no issue transcoding files and even external SRT files for shows and movies. I believe this is the first time I've seen the HEVC codec and the VOBSUB subtitles.

So, is my laptop just underpowered? It is rather old, but again it's been doing fine transcoding in the past. Or, is there another problem perhaps?

Is there a workaround? For instance, can I create a new version of the show for mobile with the subtitles baked in so that PMS can stream directly without the on-the-fly transcoding?

Thanks everyone. Have a good day.


vobsub subtitles usually require transcoding, except for the OpenPHT and PMP clients.
HEVC is double problematic, because it requires quite a bit cpu power, just for decoding.

So, with an older cpu in the server, stay away from HEVC (H.265) encoded files. Or switch to the above mentioned clients (only an option on PC devices).


Thank you. I just recently found out about versions. Can I do any heavy CPU work prior to viewing as well as burn in the needed subtitles? I really don't want to download all of the episodes again. Then it would just be a simple matter of directly playing the mobile optimized version. Easy peasy.


Sure, just select the subtitles in Plex Web, prior to starting the Optimize process.
But your laptop will have to work very hard and long on these files.

Then, in the client pick the 'optimized' version for playback.


Thanks again. I'll give that a go on one or two files and see how long that takes.