Main movies/tv-shows disappearing from NAS (Thecus N2800) when erasing Plex movie/tv-show folder.



Hi! New to NASing and Plex, but have collected quite some library of movies and tv-shows on my NAS. I have collected some of those movies and shows to plex-categories in a library consisting of six or seven genre. I changed my mind of one genre/plexlibraryitem and erased it - confident that my movies was secure in the unaffected BIG moviefolder of the Thecus NAS. But when I examined the moviefolder, all the .ts-files of the plex genre I erased was gone!!

1. I thought that Plex never affected the ground library of the NAS - incorrect?
2. Is there any way I can retrieve the lost movies, gone when I erased a Plex library? I can´t find any thrash-folder examining Plex by FileZilla... The movies are gone?

Yours kindly,
Mats Sjovall


Hi again! Nobody obviously pays any attention...?
Will adjust my question above: What have disappeared is tv-shows and tv-movies libraried as tv-shows without accurate naming. Some of these tv-shows are noticed by Plex as tv-show in the library, some are not recognized and thus not visible in the Plex library. Those noticed by Plex were erased, the others not noticed were left unharmed in the big NAS library. The reason I deleted one Plex library was that Plex did not recognize some tv-shows, me not being able to watch them over the Plex Server.
I have backed up the NAS from tv-decoder, reentering the missing .ts-files, but I will be much more hesitant using Plex to watch movies and tv-programs. NAS Thecus have an excellent streamingapp working directly on the NAS library, with no risk of loosing material.

Yours kindly,
Mats Sjovall


I moved your thread to the correct place, hopefully you will get better help here with your NAS.

Please also read this regarding media deletion in Plex

Delete Item with a Plex App
It's possible to directly delete an item from within most Plex apps if you've enabled the ability to do so. Be very careful with enabling and using this ability.
Warning!: Deleting an item this way will immediately remove it from your library and will also delete the corresponding media file. This will usually place it in your operating system's Recycle Bin or Trash, but it could immediately and permanently delete the item from your disk.
Enable Deletion
To start, you'll have to make sure that the ability to delete media is enabled for your Plex Media Server. This an advanced option is found under Settings > Server > Library.


And thanks for answering! I was terrified when all the vob´s were gone, not to be found in thrash folder either.
I do want to have the possibility to erase a plex movie or tv-show library - but do not want the NAS media files to be affected. Do I enable deletion or not? Upon former deletion of plex movie folder it appeared a warning and was noted the nas-files to be unharmed - falsely.

Do I enable deletion or not?? I want the corresponding nas media files ALWAYS TO BE UNHARMED!

Your kindly, mats


The media deletion feature should be turned off in your case. If you leave it unchecked (or uncheck it), no actual data should be deleted from any disk when you remove libraries from Plex.


Thanks! I have an issue with not being able to connect securely, despite downloaded plex certificate - or causing? But that´s a question under a different headline
Thanks answer my Q!
Yours kindly