Main Plex Pass account lost



**_If you have an account with us, you should receive a password reset email momentarily. Please check you_**

Can't resign in with Plex Pass email/user name/password and request for a new password gets no email response.

Have signed out of secondary username/email and ready to resign but no go.

Any suggestions. Have already modified registry entries as suggested and all seems ready to reclaim Server under PlexPass user but seems to have been lost in system

Thanks for any suggestions.


Please contact and provide as much detail about your old account as possible.


Thank you. Yes I did that and was able to get back to PlexPass user/email and was working OK again.
Now it’s again ‘looking for server’ and suggesting I should download/install server…again.
Did download and only options shown were to Repair or Uninstall. Repair did nothing so I Uninstalled.
Than download again and Launch with same result… ‘Looking for Server’ flashing in top LH corner.
Just about to give up on this app.


Are you perhaps logged into a different plex account with your web browser?
If you are using the google/facebook login, this can happen easily.
Make sure to login with the same email address you are using for the server.

Oh, and don’t try with Microsoft Edge, it won’t work.