making a quiz of the screensaver. Fun!



Hi everyone,
I love my Rasplex and especially the Plex Black Edition skin.
When -on the home screen- I select the music tab, it is very nice to have a slideshow with artist art showed on the background.

When using this in my living room, we are making a quiz out of it: trying to guess the artist or group. Fun! However, sometimes I don’t know the artist …
So is it possible to modify this screensaver to have the artist name displayed? It would help me with a lot of discussings with my kids
I understand that not everybody wants this, but maybe this could be an option somewhere or a config file maybe.
thanx for looking at this!


That's actually a very cool idea... I had never thought of that. :)
Good suggestion... should apply to any library type.


cool. Looking forward tot the implementation :-)


Please raise a feature request for openPHT on GitHub