Manual install of Plex Pass updates



Even though I install the updates when the settings indicate a new version is available after installing the server settings menu tells me that there is a new version that needs to be installed even though the version listed is the latest version available on the website. I have Plex Pass and a 4T Seagate Personal Cloud drive.


log out of your Plex account, restart PMS, sign back into your account.

What version do you have installed?


Here's the message:
Version An update is available. Please install manually.


when you go to settings->server-general, you'll see a server version listed there which is (?) or lower.

Plex won't install the update for you. It is a manual step because the decision about when to update is yours (don't want to interrupt anyone rudely with an automatic update).

If you do install now, and restart it, when you come back to it, it better respond with in Settings-> Server -> General or I'm going to get upset with it. haha.