Media keys do not work




I've migrated to the Windows Store version of Plex for my desktop for a richer integration with Windows 10; however, it doesn't seem to respond to my Play/Pause, Back, Skip, nor Stop keys on my keyboard.

I've gathered some diagnostic logs from the app, but where is the appropriate place to ask for support/send these logs?



UWP-Version doesn't seem to be in active development.


Hi Fressa0815,

I appreciate the information, but do you have a citation for this? It doesn't make sense to me that the Plex developers have all the support necessary (and a complete product) around a modern app framework, but is not developing it.

Either way, my question still stands -- where should I be sending diagnostic logs from Plex (from any version)? The forums? A support mailbox?


Hi SnoFox,

I've added your bug to my list of bugs ( I have to agree with @Fressa0815 though, there has been no interaction with a plex dev in these forums for probably over a year now. The only fixes that were pushed out for this app were because otherwise the app would have been completely useless.

But in case you ever do meet a Plex developer in this particular subforum, what would happen is that they would ask you to upload the logs to your post and help you on from there. There is no particular mailbox or other way of contacting the developing team - something that many users have been addressing with little or no response from the Plex team.